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Strategy consulting

Our mission is to advise managing directors of the higher institutes and universities in their IT and international development strategies.

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Setting up international partnerships

You are a university or a higher institute director and you wish to develop your institution in Africa / Europe via partnerships or local presence, thanks to our network, we are here to help you.

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Université Libre de Tunis

Mise en place d'un partenariat international

BBS - Brest

Mise en oeuvre d'un réseau de partenariats au niveau international

UEMF - Euromed

Benchmark SI


International Partnership



Chaucot Dubost In

  • 2015

    Chaucot Dubost In

    Mme Dubost (CEOde E-Charlemagne SA), Mme Chaucot (Ex-Vice President of IUP Management Clermont Fd), M. Dubost (Ex-Chairman of E-Charlemagne SA) create a new services company for higher education institutes.

  • 2017

    New associate partners

    From West & South Africa, new partners come in.

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